And So it Begins

This is it, the new Markus Jayne website!

Normally, this is where we’d sit back tell you about everything that we’ve worked on over the last year to lead up to this. The reality is, this is only the beginning and we are so stoked about where we’re going from here. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you’ve had glimpses of what’s coming, but here’s a few highlights:

Morphs That Pop!

We’ve been hatching some amazing new morphs this year, they’re really going to blow you away. We’ll be featuring some favourites and a brief word from Mark on each of them in our Latest, Greatest section.

Seriously Awesome Collection

Our collection now features and incredible 250+ morphs! And each and every one will be available to view right here. Of course, 250+ animals takes a while to  get sorted out, so we’ll be adding to the Collection page weekly… and keep you coming back for more!


Welcome to the candy store, kids! For the past few years we’ve been working with some fantastic Boa morphs, and now we’re ready to turn them loose on you! While we get their own site built, we’ll feature them  in their own filterable collection here, and animals available for sale can be found here.

Stunning Photography

Morphs that pop call for equally stunning photography to do them proper justice. We’re continuing to raise the bar with new gear and new ways of looking at our animals through the lens. You’re going to love what you see!

Awesome Video

One of the other great tools we’ve started playing with is video and just let me say, “Hold on to your seat, we’re going to knock this out of the park!” Our Video Blog is going to bring you nose to nose with the most beautiful morphs in our collection, and take you deeper into the inner workings of Markus Jayne.

More, More, More!

We could go on, but really you need to see it all for yourself. Like any living, breathing animal we’ve just hatched this and now the real fun begins. Keep your eyes peeled for Package Deals we’ll be pulling together, weekly additions to our Collection and Available pages, and perhaps a little contest to celebrate. Of course, you can always keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We really hope you enjoy your visit here!

The Markus Jayne Team!

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