Egg Collection and Set Up

This video will show you how we collect our eggs and set them up before placing them in the incubator for the next 56 days.

Has My Snake Finished Laying?

That’s a good question? Sometimes over anxious keepers can jump the gun and pull females before they have laid their last egg. No harm done really if you put her back, but it is best to be sure before you do remove her.

Checking Eggs

I know how temping it can be to constantly look in on your eggs. This video explains how and why we do it.

Time Lapse of Eggs Hatching

This is by far our most watched video. People are fascinated by these little creatures hatching. It too 3 days to shoot and a lot of patience!

There is Only One True Lightning Piebald!

OK, I amy have gotten a little dramatic with this video, but proving my line of Axanthic to be non-compatible with the 2 other lines was pretty cool!

Markus Jayne on Herpers TV - Part 1

We were both honoured and privileged to be the subject of Herpers TV’s first 2 episodes. Some amazing guests paid a visit as well.

Markus Jayne on Herpers TV - Part 2

Part 2 of Herpers TV’s visit to our facility.