What do we mean by ‘Our Works’?

It can mean many things. It can mean what we consider Our Works of Living Art or Our Works of Passion. In a nutshell… all the stuff we work on here at Markus Jayne that we want to show off and offer for sale.

We are extremely dedicated to the art of what we do — as you will soon discover through browsing our website.

Our Collection page

Since 2000 we have invested in the best examples of ball pythons the world has to offer. We have managed to put together a rather impressive collection if we say so ourselves. At over 250 unique morphs and growing, we hope you are impressed by what we have accomplished so far.

Our Latest, Greatest page

This is where you will find pictures and descriptions our Latest and Greatest creations.

Our Availability page

The title kinda’ speaks for itself. Our Available animals will be posted here for your consideration.

 Our Sale Packages page

From time to time, we’ll be offering discounted package deals for those interested in purchasing multiple animals.

 Our Sales Terms and Shipping page

The ins and outs of purchasing, shipping and live-arrival guarantees. What you have to do to order, reserve and our payments options.